Audrey Jolly Therapy

Creativity Workshop

Exploring Creativity through the body.

Movement, voice, visual art and writing are used to set the stage for creative explorations into the self.

In a safe, non-judgmental, highly supportive environment we are able to take creative risks, reveal our truths and expand creatively.

This workshop is designed for you to get a feel for this creative/physical connection which is immediate and often deeply profound.

It can be a stepping stone or sample of what one can expect in the longer courses if you are called to enter a deeper, more in-depth  experience.

  • Date and Time: Sunday 1-4pm, January 17 , 2016
  • Participants: This workshop is limited to 6 people
  • Location: 100 Bain Ave - 6 ABD, Riverdale, Toronto
  • Cost: $60+hst

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