Audrey Jolly Therapy


 Unblocking Emotions Creatively

“We are multi-dimensional beings desiring to live fully, express deeply, be seen in our

uniqueness and be celebrated.”

Each session will have a ‘brief and deep’ check-in, followed by a creative process focusing on a theme or ‘voice’ of the week.  It may be the voice of the inner critic, fear, loss, the wounded child, the vulnerable self, sexuality, etc. The direction is shaped by participants.

Each week we will move & create, leaning into our inner experiences through connection with our bodies and our creativity. With curiosity and receptivity, we open and embrace all that we are, including our judgment and our resistance.

This six-week course is for women. Together we build a safe container that holds us emotionally and creatively in community. We share at deep levels, respectfully.

*While we respect the intellect, it will not be in the driver’s seat during this course. It can take the long needed break it deserves. It will be both relieved and grateful… once the panic subsides. (smile) 

No previous experience is required. I recommend ongoing individual therapy during this time. The additional support will help you get the most out of your experience.

Wear comfortable clothes to move in. Bring a bottle of water. Art supplies will be provided.

Time: TBA  

Location: 100 Bain Ave - 6 ABD, Riverdale, Toronto

Cost: $400 incl