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The Creative Self - Embracing Fear

Posted Jan 20th, 2014 in Mental Health

The Creative Self - Embracing Fear

WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD is starting up again soon. This is a creative group for women that focuses on fear using creativity through movement, art and writing.  It is the third session since spring, 2013.

I love offering this experience to women. Each group has a unique style and focus depending on who is in it.

I’m wondering if this next group right for you?

Do you have a small (or not so small) voice inside of you feeling lost, abandoned, frustrated or neglected. Do you feel like there’s more that you would like to do, or could do, if you “tuned in” to your core energies and creative impulses?

Have you served the needs of others all your life? Were you taught that women are the caretakers of the world? Did your grandmother, mother, church, school, family expect this from you? Did you comply quietly and without question? Is the pull from within now demanding your attention where, before, you could silence it? All the while that voice inside has been asking, “When will it be my turn?"

If this resonates with you, then it’s time to do something new for yourself and plug into those needs, impulses, and urges to create. This group is a place to tune in and listen to those voices, however faint they might be. They are part of your authentic self, longing to express itself.

Ask yourself “Who am I?” “What do I want?” If your response is FEAR, confusion, frustration,heaviness or hopelessness then this is the place where you belong.

You will get help with this fear and also all of your limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are blocking you and holding you back from being all that you could be creatively.

One of the exercises we do is writing a body paper. In the body paper you write “A history of my body…it’s agony and ecstasy.” You share parts of it you feel comfortable sharing and explore it further through movement, art and more writing. Again, you have the opportunity to share the results with the others. It takes you deeper and deeper into your own uniqueness and mystery. You cultivate a richer, deeper connection with your core self.

The environment is one that provides support and respect for each other. There is a deep honoring of each persons journey. Healing begins and a renewed relationship forms between you and your creative self.

Given half a chance, we are all intense, passionate, creative, 'large' energy beings desiring to connect within and find a safe place in which to explore and express all of who we are.

We’d love to have you so if you feel this might be right for you, call me and we can chat. 

Photo: SOUL CARDS, Deborah Koff-Chapin


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