Audrey Jolly Therapy

Individual Therapy

Integral Psychotherapy for individuals is a blended approach to healing that combines psychotherapy (talk therapy), bioenergetics, and energy healing.

Integral Psychotherapy for individuals, with Audrey JollyPsychotherapy offers a safe place to explore your thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

I will listen carefully to you.

Feeling understood and validated is a good place to begin emotional healing. As you continue to explore your thoughts and feelings, a new awareness begins to emerge, one where you understand your problems within the larger context of your personal history and current relationships and challenges.

Through this understanding you gain insight and self-compassion.

New possibilities open, renewed hope and energy returns.

It is my belief that psychotherapy is more than simply healing symptoms. It is helping clients reach their goals and creating a life that is meaningful, connected and passionate.

Bioenergetics and energy work add another dimension to the integration of body, mind, and spirit/soul.

My work with you is non-judgmental and absolutely confidential.

Please feel comfortable to contact me to discuss how this type of healing may work for you