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On the Back of the Wildebeest

On the Back of the Wildebeest

Creativity is a path to the innermost self, where we find a sense of wholeness by embracing emotions that we have shut up and shut away. It lets us reconnect with lost parts of ourselves that carry fear, anger, sadness and loneliness. Yet many people falsely believe creativity is not for them.

This exhilarating and original book gives creativity its rightful place on the journey from trauma to mastery. With more than 30 years' experience as an artist, educator and psychotherapist Audrey Jolly shows why creativity heals, how readers can tap its power, and how to navigate the discomfort of trying something new. Practical exercises drawn from movement, drama, art and writing encourage readers to map their own unique path to self-discovery while finding joy in the adventure.

6X9 Paperback, 268 pages, TOC, Index
ISBN 978-1-7771539-2-2 
Published by the Creativity and Transformation Group — an imprint of Canadian Outdoor Press
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What's Inside

Creativity and Impulse
Creativity, Process vs Product
Creativity and Blocks - Protectors, Defenders and Judges
Creativity and Boundaries
Creativity, Shame, Blame and Guilt
Creativity and Trauma
Creativity and Anger
Creativity and Fear
Creativity and Sorrow
Creativity and Joy
Creativity and Spiritual Growth
Creativity and Altered States
Creativity and Wholeness

On The Back of the Wildebeest book cover.  Audrey Jolly

Praise for On the Back of the Wildebeest:

“I'll never be afraid of writer's block again after reading this myth-defying book.”—Rona Maynard, author of My Mother's Daughter and former Editor of Chatelaine

“Trauma is now realized as not only a body-mind wound but ultimately a soul wound. Audrey Jolly has walked through her wound and transformed it into wisdom and joy. This book is direct, funny and wise.”   —Elinor Dickson, PhD, psychologist, Jungian therapist, author of Dancing at the Still Point

“A treasure chest of inspiration.”  —Paula Thomson, PsyD, Clinical psychologist, Professor at CSUN and co-author of Creativity, Trauma, and Resilience

“Audrey Jolly takes us on a bold, creative journey sharing personal experiences and exercises that are engaging and affirming.”  —Maureen Jennings, recipient of the Grant Allen award and award-winning author of the Murdoch Mysteries and Heat Wave