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Living in the Present

Posted Jan 31st, 2014 in Mental Health

Living in the Present

I love the simplicity of this quote by Lao Tzu.  All we have is the present moment yet it can take a lifetime of work to fully embrace this simple truth. Therapy helps clear us of past injuries which helps us to live more fully in the present.

Our negative experiences are much more likely to be remembered than the positive ones.  It is said that negative experiences stick like velcro whereas positive ones slide off like teflon.  Why?  Because the negative ones are triggering our ancient instincts for survival and protection  

Past experiences are embedded in the tissues of our body and wired into our nervous system.  Some of our traumatic experiences occur before verbal and cognitive skills are even developed. The healing of those injuries must be done using a non-verbal approach to healing, such as body centred psychotherapy. 

By going into the felt sensations in the body, one is able to resolve past injuries and trauma. Felt sensation is what one is feeling in the body…for example, tensions or holdings or activity such as butterflies.  You may feel very little body sensation due to an unconscious cutting off of body feelings which were perceived as too overwhelming or painful for you to experience.  

The need to survive drives us to cut off or dissociate form pain or hurt or threat.  These shut down states are carried through life. Psychotherapy can help to reconnect us to our feelings.  Once the blocked emotions are expressed and energy is freed up, we are free to live more fully in the present moment without our past creeping (or exploding) in.


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