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What's Driving Our Striving?

Posted Sep 9th, 2014 in Mental Health

What's Driving Our Striving?

We have powerful unconscious patterns driving our present day behaviors. Marion Woodman, a Jungian analyst and accomplished author, stated…we are either working on our unconscious or we are living it out. I would say those of us who devote time to our personal growth are likely doing both. We are working on what is showing up for us and, at the same time, have a large body of unconscious material that we are living out every day of our lives…mostly, obliviously.

The more work we do, the deeper we go. We learn how to be with ourselves in a more compassionate way. We expand our tolerance for holding the difficult emotions we experience. Out of the development of these very important skills, life becomes richer and more rewarding. Our lives reflect this in the quality and depth of our creative expressions, both internally and externally. We strengthen internal connections and our external relationships with our intimate partners and our communities deepen and become more satisfying.

Out of this inner search, we develop ways to lovingly hold ourselves…especially the parts of us that struggle the most because of our unique wounding. Our wounds could be from what we experienced that we didn't need or want. For example, we didn't ask for an angry, abusive parent who takes it out on us. Or our wounds may come from what we didn't experience but needed. We may not have experienced a feeling of security or availability in those who were important to us. We may not have felt seen, safe, supported or loved.

When these positive emotional and energetic experiences are provided as we grow and develop, we feel secure, loved, seen, important and cherished. Our sense of self - self-image, self-confidence, optimism, ambition, the ability to love and be loved, is strong, intact and resilient.

Even if we got a lot of what we didn't bargain for or missed much of what we needed, we can still heal and develop a feeling of love for ourselves that is deeply satisfying. Our wounds do not have to define us or be seen or experienced as a life sentence. I do know that we are miraculous in our potential to search for, sense and define our authentic selves on own terms, far beyond the scope of our upbringing. We have a capacity to heal ourselves at very deep levels in ways that awe and inspire me daily.

As human beings, we are in a state of continuous growth and expansion…it is in our very nature to go deeper and wider, within and without. Eckhart Tolle describes the universal flow as having a desire to know itself, therefore diving inward, followed by the desire to express itself outwardly, creatively.

If you are called to go within and resolve difficult experiences in your life and move towards a deep, positive, inner sense of self … one that you design for yourself from an inner place of knowing, I will help you get there. We will work together and you will see just what is possible!!


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