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What Are You Thinking?

Posted Apr 9th, 2015 in Mental Health, Depression, Shame

What Are You Thinking?

I see this all the time in therapy sessions.  A client will make a statement, often about themselves, which I will reply to by saying "Is that true?"  "Do you actually believe that about yourself?" "Do you believe that to be true?"  What evidence is there for that in your life right now? The answer is usually  "no." And "none"  We have a whole host of obsolete thoughts and beliefs about ourself that no longer apply that we haul around with us like old computers that no longer work but we haven't discarded them for an updated model. Time to hit the refresh button and update the circuitry. 

I enjoy the work of Hale Dwoskin and the Sedona Method to challenge these inner false beliefs that keep us trapped and suffering.  

His teacher, Lester Levensen is quoted as saying that we need to use our clear reason and intuitive knowingness to determine truth, yet most of us do the exact opposite of this.

We assume that what we believe to be true is true and never check to see if it actually is true.

Our feelings, beliefs, and ideas from the past are treated as though they are facts, and then we reason from these imagined facts and find that we are not actually dealing with what is.

This can be challenged in a couple ways:

When we see a pattern that has been recurring in our consciousness, we can check to see if it is actually true or if it is just a belief based on what was not an actual perception of what is.

We can ask ourselves, "Is this really true or is this a lie or a belief our mind is telling us to distract us from what is?" This question can simply cut right through.

Another thing we can do when we are caught in a lie that the mind is selling us as the truth is to look at the pattern and then notice what would be here if that pattern was not here. This in itself is a release.

"You are already whole, complete, and perfect as you are."
Lester Levenson

For further info on the Sedona Method you can visit their website at Lot's of interesting food for thought there.


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