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Willpower....Breaking the Code

Posted Apr 19th, 2015 in Mental Health, Depression

Willpower....Breaking the Code

Dr. Kelly McGonigal, author of The Willpower Instinct, talks about three types of willpower:

I will power, I won’t power and I want power.

The most common of the three is I won’t power which is the ability to resist temptation.  It is saying 'no' to that dessert, cigarette, etc. when it goes against our goals for health and wellness while we are having urges to partake in it.   

The second form of willpower is I will power.  This is finding the motivation to do that which we are resisting doing.  We may find it boring or uncomfortable or possibly even anxiety producing.  This may be regular exercise, writing, choosing the best foods, etc. 

The third form is I want power. This is knowing what we want, deciding what matters to us, setting goals and finding the strength, courage and willpower to make it happen.

Dr. McGonigal discusses how to train willpower from a new brain science perspective.  An interesting topic and a book worth reading.  

Below is a link to her youtube video. She has additional information being released through NICABM, The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine with Dr. Ruth M. Buczynski.  Lots of interesting, new and useful information presented in free webinars.


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