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Stepping into the River - Soul Surrender

Posted Aug 13th, 2015 in Mental Health, Depression, Shame

Stepping into the River - Soul Surrender

I’m reading Panache Desai’s book entitled Discovering Your Soul Signature.

In a chapter called Soulful Surrender, he describes a personal experience of reaching his breaking point as a 23 year old.  It’s a pivotal moment for him where he surrenders and asks for help from the Divine. He moves from terror to trust. He sees that everything that was happening to him, these major changes, were all coming from the Divine in order that he grow and transform spiritually.

This ‘soulful surrender’ opened the doorway to receiving, whatever that receiving might look like. It is a moment when you stop holding on to "how it’s supposed to be." 

He writes, ‘’When you’re having a hard day, when you don’t know where to turn, when you’re scared to death, know that there exists a safe place where all that you are is embraced.  A place where the tenderness of who you are is completely embraced.  A place where creativity that you cannot contain within your body is housed.”

As I read this I realized that my turning point was going into therapy.  That was my way to ask for help.  Along the way I found therapists that held all of who I am without judgment. They helped me be with my sorrow, grief and depression as well as my anger and rage until I was more able to be with myself.

Panache Desai poses an invitation to trust the Divine. To ‘live today as if it has already happened’ and to view all that is happening as having a higher, Divine  design. He describes the world is moving at warp speed.  This has its cost. It violates our own connection and harmony. Frenetic behavior breeds more of itself and further disconnects us.

He suggests we:

Connect deeply to the wellspring within us that is always there, waiting for us to tap into it.

As you move through the day have patience with yourself, be kind to yourself, slow down, surrender…very simple to do … but not easy.

We cling to what is familiar, surrendering this control, moving into the unfamiliar territory of growth and expansion is uncomfortable.

In order to trust we must feel supported.

It is our nature to want to hold onto the moment...we want to grab onto whatever is happening…good or bad. We are terrified of change.

But we are missing the point. Life is never stagnant. It flows all around us, whether we like it our not. You can’t step into the same river twice. Energy is ever evolving and change is our way of navigating our own vibrational expansion.

Panache Desai, growing up in a deeply spiritual family, found his spiritual connection to the Divine while others of us find our connection to Self through reaching out for therapy.

I took this picture at Turkey Point on Lake Erie the summer of 2014.


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