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Unleash Your Creativity

Posted Jan 5th, 2016 in Mental Health

Unleash Your Creativity
Happy New Year! The image for this blog is one of my Vision cards created for this upcoming year. I’m collaging from magazines and materials I have collected. I also love to cut up and collage my photographs and paintings.

A friend and I met to start the ball rolling. We meditated in silence and stillness, transitioning to authentic movement and sound, ending in singing together. It was rich and delicious.

We reflected on our past year, asking ourselves what has arrived this past year that is new for us? What needs to be named, acknowledged and nurtured? We asked what we see or hear calling us for 2016. What do we see for in this upcoming year creatively, physically, socially, financially, in work, in relationship, spiritually, learning, travel, training.  The list goes on but we started with our top three.

My first was Organization, then Creativity and Spirituality. But you can have any list, in any order, as many or as few as you like; however it comes to you. The beauty is, there are no mistakes with this.

 We asked our body energy, emotional flow and intuition where they desire to go. What’s calling us? What feels juicy to us for the next year?  Yes, it is about pleasure and play. Oh, there is work involved, don’t get me wrong.

 Just showing up in a disciplined way takes some planning and discipline. We are distractible creatures and often blocked to our creative urges. But they keep poking and nudging and calling us to action. If we listen, they will speak to us and take us to great heights of passionate living.

I wish for you a year full of passion and creative living. And I know all too well the issues that get in the way of attaining these desires.  It’s usually past injuries and patterns set in place long before you knew how to handle the difficult situations.  You may be carrying excess emotional baggage (or trauma) that’s weighing you down, preventing you from moving ahead with what you envision for your self and your life.

Maybe you can’t sort this out on your own.  Maybe you need some help from someone who has a compass and a map of the territory to help guide you on your way. I would love to be of assistance to you as part of my life’s rich path is helping others just like you find clarity and connection and passion for their precious lives.

Be well and may this year reveal the clarity, creativity, productivity, passion and connection that your heart desires.


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