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Psychodramatic Bodywork

Posted Sep 17th, 2016 in Mental Health, Depression, Shame

Psychodramatic Bodywork

Recently, I took a workshop with Susan Aaron in Psychodramatic Bodywork. We studied the blocking mechanisms that we use which interfere with a healthy, full expression of the emotions of anger, sadness and fear. Many of us can barely express our emotions. It is often due to what we experienced as a child growing up. Families, schools, communities, churches, etc. often encourage the suppression of feelings.

Susan Aaron states, “Certain life traumas affect us in such profound ways that our body decides in its wisdom that the healthiest path is to block the integration of the traumatic event, block expression of the feeling and sometimes block the memory of the event.”

Using bodywork and psychodramas, facilitated by Susan Aaron and assistants, we were able to identify our particular blocking styles.  These styles correlate to meridians (or energy lines) in the body. For example the triple warmer meridian is often brought into disharmony by traumas involving a betrayal of trust.  This may have developed as a result of sexual abuse, physical abuse or ritual abuse.

 Certain meridians are used to block, suppress and control the pain of the traumatic event. Years later the person may still be carrying the traumatized child within.

Therapy provides a safe place for the client to re-connect with these traumas, feel their feelings associated with them and heal from it.

 Once the client receives and internalizes the new, healthier messages, they are able to be in the world in a safer, happier, healthier  way, both individually and in relationships.

After completing the training I saw so clearly with a couple that I was working with that one was operating from one style and the other was in another. Their communication was strained. They were missing each other and tension was mounting.  We saw that one partner who was angry needed to soften into their vulnerability and the other partner needed to find their strength and stand up for themselves. They found a way to reconnect with each other.

I will continue my study with Susan Aaron as I have found it readily applicable to me as a therapist of couples and individuals. I look forward to further study with her in order to expand my offerings in my psychotherapy practice.

 For further information on Psychodramatic Bodywork visit or contact Susan Aaron at 416 699-3211


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