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Do Electronics Keep You Up At Night?

Posted Jan 2nd, 2017 in Mental Health, Depression, Shame

Do Electronics Keep You Up At Night?

I have recently removed all electronic devices from the master bedroom. They are now on another level of the house. At 8pm I unplug, switching to books, meditation, gentle yoga, and rest.  Same in the morning. Before electronics it's lemon water, a daily reading (currently Marion Woodman's, Coming Home to Myself or Mark Nepo's, The Book of Awakening) and a relaxed reconnect with my partner in the sunroom with tea. This is important stuff before launching into our brain-activity filled days. 

So, if you are having trouble sleeping or feel estranged from your partner or enslaved by your electronics...take charge and do something about it.  It will feel good and do you a world of good in term of your effectiveness at work and in the rest of your day, life and relationships.

Tad Hargrave from Marketing for Hippies struggled with the same addictive issues. He said the first thing he did was go out and buy an alarm clock that wasn't his phone. He continued to grumble about his cellphone overuse to his friends, recognizing he wasn't doing enough. He decided to take a different approach. He decided to love the phone and care for it. He decided to proceed as if it were alive, like himself and needed rest as well.

He made it a nest for it to sleep in. Each night he plugs it in, says some appreciative words to it, thanking it for connecting him to the world, gathering information for him and acknowledging how tiring it must have been. He speaks these words out loud and then turns the phone off and tucks it to bed. He has a favourite bowl and scarf that he uses for this. 

He then goes to his room where there is candlelight and reads a book, meditates, stretches or journals and goes to sleep. (Although I don't recommend reading by candlelight for the health of the eyes)

Et Voilá!

For the full article by Tad Hargrave visit:  

This TED talk with Simon Sinek addresses challenges facing Millenials. It is brilliant and informative for not only 34 and under. 


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